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Michelle Jader

layering emotion and motion in paint


My work explores moments when we willingly and unwillingly dive into the next phase of our life. Whether it’s moving to a new city, starting or ending a relationship, having a baby, or quitting a job, these moments of endings and beginnings are alternately terrifying and exhilarating. Ready or not, we jump, fall or are pushed, and our lives change.

Transitions like these include the sense of falling, lack of control, and the feeling that anything is possible. We’re vulnerable in these moments and despite our best efforts, our actions seem to be more public than other times in our lives. To capture these feelings, I paint a series of images on semi-transparent, acrylic panels. The push and pull inherent in having different layers of images support the work’s theme and provide an exciting way to paint motion, change and emotional release.

My own life has had its fair share of change. I owned my own marketing consulting business for 15 years and worked with Fortune 500 companies before following my heart and earning an MFA in fine art painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Originally from Minnesota, I live in San Francisco and work out of my studio in the Mission district.

artist's statement

Click here to see a behind-the-scenes video showing how my paintings are created.

acrylic panels

acrylic panels

Each oil painting consists of several layers of semi-transparent acrylic panels. They are stacked in front of one another to add depth and emphasize the feeling of movement. The works are mounted to reveal these layers but no special hardware is required. Each painting can be hung on a wall using a traditional picture hanger.


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Like many of us, my own life has come with plenty of change, both unexpected and planned. Every one of these instances has come with a multitude of sensations and striking moments of vulnerability, but they’ve also led to new experiences and new life phases. One of the most affecting changes for me has been my decision to finally dedicate myself to my art.

For nearly 20 years I worked in the corporate world crafting marketing campaigns, launching new products and driving business objectives. For 15 of those years, I owned my own marketing consulting business and had the fortune to partner with several Fortune 500 companies. And truth be told, I loved being a marketing consultant. I enjoyed the challenges and the rewards of the business world. However, I began to realize that the moments I felt pure joy in this work was when I collaborate with the talented and creative artists of my advertising and design agencies. They sparked something within me. It was this spark that ignited a fire inside of me and drove me to do what I truly loved.

As my career progressed, I secretly and increasingly imagined a life where I could spend my time creating art that wasn’t subject to unanimous team approval or validated by the number of units moved. I just wanted to create my own art. Finally, in the summer of 2007, when the urge to be a full-time artist was too strong, I took the leap and enrolled in San Francisco’s Academy of Art University graduate program for fine art painting.

For me that was a terrifying, yet exhilarating time in my life. I felt like I was on the edge of a steep cliff, with no view of the ground floor and my only choices being to jump, fall or be pushed. These critical moments, whether it's leaving home for the first time, starting or ending a relationship, beginning and ending a job, contain a universal feeling of loss of control, time moving forward and hurtling through space. My current series INTO THE UNKNOWN explores the multilayered emotions experienced right after we leave the cliff, armed only with faith in ourselves.

reference images

reference images

Gymnasts, dancers, and models help me capture the feeling of falling, diving, and leaping for my artwork by jumping around on the trampoline. The photo shoots are fun, energetic and great way for me to get dynamic reference images.

behind the scenes

behind the scenes videos

From initial concept to a completed painting hanging on the wall, each painting goes through a series of similar steps. Check out the attached video to see a behind-the-scenes look at how the oil paintings are created.

As my work evolves, I'm exploring how much depth I can achieve with more layers, different materials, and new ways of presenting the paintings. See more behind-the-scenes footage of my latest work below.


the calling    20embracing impermanence BACK    49embracing impermanence FRONT    49swell    32joy full throughout    12discover    40longing    26play    11summertime dreams    49">feeling for focus    17familiar strangers    44street of shadows-finding the light    18street of shadows-finding the light    18beginnings    42searching    24desiring    17toward tomorrow    12'x9calming chaos    48ready, set, go     24blooming from blue    30torn    24all turned around     8remembering and hoping    29">certainty    19tangled    24unraveled    28unraveling    18becoming from blue    30wanting     18falling    28surrender    24floating through memories    19leaving    18running    18tumbling    18releasing    28remembering    18seeking    19caught in the current    16beckoning    24trusting the fall    28reckless abandon    32two steps back    24whirlwind    14letting go    16spring   40for joy    24london bridges    24pockets full of posies     24

Side view example of a painting.


email. michellejader@yahoo.com
studio. (415) 290-1909

Julie Nester Gallery - Park City, UT
Robert Lange Studios - Charleston, SC

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SOLO Show: The circus
Robert Lange Studios
Charleston, SC

November SF Open Studios
1890 Bryant Street
Studio #206
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